Canvas Student Recenzje App




I have been enjoying your app, especially the ability to post/reply to discussion boards.


This app is garbage. Designed by incompetent morons.

Great for Students!

Canvas is amazing on my mobile device, and on my iPad! I can access almost everything on Canvas including teacher emails, modules, files, and announcements. It sends the notifications right to my phone so I never miss an assignment. It’s awesome! Highly recommended to anyone whose college or university uses Canvas.


This app is user friendly and very easy to navigate. I’m intrigued by being able to access information immediately without having to sign on a desktop computer. This is a very convenient way to remain abreast of pertinent information. Awesome tool to use!


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It’s good

I think it’s good you can do your schedule for your classwork of assignments on there that need to be done. But you can’t save it when you started it. It could be a little update on some things

Amazing App!

Love the Canvas app! It’s so convenient and easy to use. It has all my classes located in the app! It shows my grades and any feedback that was given from my instructor. Keeps me on track when assignments are due. It also lets me message my instructors and I can complete assignments on the app! Every student should have this app.


The website version is glitchy it’s slow and it’s confusing it should not be difficult to check my classes or grades but literally nothing shows up messages that I have been sent won’t open

Simple to navigate

Simple to navigate, and fun to use. I receive replies and messages from my Professor and peers very quickly.

Enable split screen

Great app! However, I find myself needing to use split screen when I am working on a project or writing a paper. Would definitely give 5 stars if I could split the screen on my iPad.

Mass erase please

Could we have a more efficient way to erase messages? I have 99 messages accumulated from last year. Yeah I hear you. Erase while you go. Well I didn’t and now it stinks.

I love it

If school work is priority to you then you will love this app

Great system

Great alternative to Blackboard, however, Canvas will be even better once it allows a seamless way to upload media like pictures and videos within the discussion boards

Canvas is LiT

get it lifted DUN DUN DUN DUN (stan NCT) MY SPEED, MY LANE, MY PACE (stan Stray Kids) HELLO, FINALLY INTRODUCING LOONA (stan LOONA) Canvas saves lives.


The app will not allow me to sign in. It’s crazy!


It is useful. However, I am no longer believe in canvas because the grade scale is different from teacher’s syllabus and canvas grade scale. It makes me spend time and money and missed my pass non credit chance. While you are having high grade on canvas, but in the reality you grade is low.

Best for Classes

This app is so easy to figure out and manage. I love using it instead of the computer. It works great on my iPhone and iPad! The only down fall is I can’t watch -some- the videos that are attached to my major assignments.

Discussion posts

Please give us the option to collapse and expand discussion threads


I love the instant notifications update when assignments or anything is uploaded into Canvas. Gets me more engaged in the class!

Von Osasson

Excellent application, allows you to access your classes from anywhere!


I’ve tried to download this app multiple times but it never works. I select my school, and log in and I always get an error page that won’t let me continue. So disappointing.


I find this amazing!

Great app. Could be better

Great app overall. I really wish this had the “what if” for grades option like the android version did though.

Not side-by-side compatible

You would think an app of this magnitude and so many students who use it they would make this app dual screen enabled. It makes it really difficult to use when a professor adds assigned reading that you are required to write about reading or answer questions that you have to be flipping back and forth between it and pages/sheets/word.

Not working

Not working

Amazing! Love it !

This works absolutely perfect! So practical as well.


I found out about this only a few months ago, and it’s made my life so much easier! No need to hop on your laptop when you can check everything on here.


Very convenient to use. Easy to keep in touch with fellow students and the teacher. Easy to look up due takes and assignment information. Great way to stay informed.

My opinion

Excellent app. Options for notifications and color coding are some of the many qualities that make it easier to stay on top of academics.

Very Happy

app is so convenient. Love it

Old student new ways

Coming back to school after 18 years has been a huge learning curve regarding technology, and ways of studying & writing. Canvas has bridged the old & new way of learning for me.

This is wonderful!

This way of teaching teachers, causes them to learn, ponder and reply, as to how they personally have been taught by the Spirit. It allows them to each participate, as well as internalize the lesson in a deeper more meaningful way. By doing this, they will be able to formulate how to put their impressions into action. The only thing I would like, in addition, would be to be able to see the thoughts and ideas of the other teachers, so we can all learn what the Spirit has impressed upon everyone. I believe this would cause each of our student's spiritual experiences to be even better.


It hmm

Easy to navigate

Love this app, it’s so easy to navigate.


Embedded (Vimeo) video doesn't rotate though

Five stars

It easy to used

Still Needs Work

I would have given this app more stars but it is still very unstable. At times I receive error messages when I try to access it. I do have to say that when it’s working, it works very well.

Not in sync with the computer version

The app has it’s limitations va the computer version. I completed some work through the app, and some at the computer, and it seems that they are not in sync. I refresh the content in the app and it doesn’t update the information. Not sure if its a bug, but it needs to be fixed. Also, for the calendar; it doesn’t provide the option to add the event in your phone calendar, link the meeting in zoom, etc.

Great apps

Love it. Thanks

Calendar sync option please?

Add calendar sync -.-



Be able to turn sideways

Can you make the app able to scroll in closer to your material? Some of my instructor’s material is really small on the screen and I want to be able to see it. Can you also make it able to be turned wide. Like I’m using it on my phone and it would be a lot more helpful if I could turn the app’s display sideways. Thanks! But despite all those needed additions I love the app!

Your app erases assignments

On multiple occasions Canvas Student app has erased numerous assignments. The quiz feature with match the mixed answers switches answer boxes and assigns the chosen answer to a different question, repeatedly. I’m urging my school to switch platforms because this one causes so much stress. Literally everyone I’ve talked to that has had to use Canvas hates it. I don’t mean to be mean, however, ever your IT department gave me the run around and said the problem was solved. It hasn’t been yet either. When will there be a save or auto save feature?

Easy, Fast and Simple.

I am a student at West Hills College and this app as made it easy to communicate with Professors and fellow class mates. It also helps remember when assignments may be due. I love this app. It is a life saver.




I like it 👍🏾


Best app for keeping up with your studies online, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing!


Great app


After I have used canvas for a while, I think it is great but there are a it slow and sometime there are error a lot. If the speed can be improve to faster than this,it’s gonna be awesome!

Best App Ever

This is the best App I’ve ever used 👏👏👏👏

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