Canvas Student Recenzje App




Some things are not visible on the app, yet are visible in canvas when I go directly to canvas from the school site. I heard of classmates having this issue last semester but I didn’t have the app then, now I see what they were referring to. This can be crucial if an individual is relying solely on the app for class info needs and isn’t aware of this issue.


I would like to send a message to the instructor using this function

So far so good

Very convenient and easy to navigate


THIS IS THE BEST APP IN THE APP STORE!! so many amazing games to play!! my 3 sons really love the dinosaur feature!! only downfall is it glitches sometimes but it’s so amazing :))

App used for school

Glitchy at times . Convenient for grades , love the notifications. Use this app every day multiple times a day . I’m a full time student.

Canvas for iOS

Better than the online client. It is much faster


The site crashes after about five seconds every time.

This app is g00d

I love this app so much I put a restraint on how much time I can spend on this per day #youhavebeenwarned

Great app, but missing landscape mode

This app is great. The only thing that bothers me is that it can’t be in landscape mode, which makes viewing files in the app quite inconvenient.

Generally strong student interface

Good for classes on the go. I enjoy the alerts and quick access to resources. Discussion boards occasionally have large gaps that make them difficult to read in app.


Not bad but needs to update. The app is a bit out of date. U need to allow us to upload from word and PowerPoint.

Great app

Easy to use and convenient

Love it

Super simple interface. Easy to navigate. Great app. Constantly updated

Is this really an app

How can you call this an app when you are just embedding a webpage in there? A school kid might be able to come up with better native mobile app.

Worst app use classroom

Laggy and no clue how to use it

Very useful

Reminds me of things and gives me my grades. Amaizing app.

Can’t see class average!

This is a great app, especially the grade viewing widget, but there are two problems. You can’t see the class average in individual assignments, and you can’t change the grades for individual assignments to see how it would affect your overall score. These are both great features on the website, and I really which they carried over to the mobile app.

Great App

It’s very easy to use and allows me to keep up with assignments on the go. The to-do- list is also a big help.


Great app for school

Creative Writing - Professor Edlin

I’m a non-traditional student (60+). I started school very apprehensive but college is something I’ve always wanted to do. From the application process forward the experience has been wonderful. Professor Edlin is a phenomenal teacher. Her professional and personable teaching style made me feel accepted as a part of the class immediately. I LOVE the class. My next trepidation is will other classes and professors be as good as Professor Edlin’s class.


I’m honestly not enjoying the app every time I leave the app to research something on my course it resets me to the default home page and that’s not where I left off at in the app. This is a need to be fixed as soon as possible.


I have to use it for campus I guess it’s good

Could be better

I wish it were possible to rotate sideways when viewing a file, that would be amazing.

It’s helpful

Canvas is very helpful because I can see my classes assignments, do assignments, and email my teachers/classmates when I have questions while I’m at home. It is a very useful app that helps me in many different ways.


Announcements do not always come in a good time

Works great

If your teacher updates it that is... I can't tell you how many instructors I have that don't even utilize the drop box for assignment turn in. Such a waste of paper.

Fixed a bug!

I use this app on my iPad for college and ran into an issue where the app would reset to the homepage if you switched to another app or turned off the screen. They responded right away to my feedback and the issue was fixed after a week. 10/10 for customer support!


The Student Canvas is very reliable and user-friendly. You can access your courses with a single click, allowing you to see your assignments, grades, to-do-lists, and even email /contact your professors and classmates without having to log in to your computer. This application is a plus on my phone!




I really like how easy it is to access my classes from my phone. I work full time so this give me a chance to keep up with my classes


Nothing is perfect so don't expect this app to be perfect. If there is one issue I have is that the notification that I receive such as announcement or quiz (update that shows new activity) doesn't work properly. What's the point of the notification if I can't click on it and bring me to it? Every time I click on one of those notification it brings me to the login in screen. What's the point. Beside that, everything works great.


For some reason I can not get any home work is that because I could not see any of my sources but a awesome app and I tried my best to do my homework 📚


I love that I can always use it at any time and see what’s dure the next day or what I need to plan for. Truly amazing


It’s a very useful and helpful app having my assignments and more easily accessible on my phone however one things that needs to be improved is every time I try to follow lecture slides canvas goes back to the homepage if my phone screen turns off so I have to go back and find the slides and find my spot again.

Log in issues!

I changed my phone and it’s been challenged logging back on my phone for days.

Upload Fail

I’m trying to upload a 5 minute video and the app failed to upload it. It was just 5, okay, almost six minutes. I’ve been trying for 20 minutes and now my final project is late.


I never write reviews but I really recommend this app. It helps so much to just have access without have to log onto a computer that you can just check grades, assignments, and email your professors. This is such a great app to have.


Super easy to use and time saving! Shows you everything you can see on the computer version.

Easy to navigate

This app is easy to use whether on your phone or computer. Great work!

Confusing and not accurate

I feel like it misleads parents, the information en many occasions is not accurate. Often shows status of assignments as “missing” when it actually means that it hasn’t been graded.

Happy Student

Easy access while on the go & to stay on task. As a student always on the go it’s easy to just unlock your phone & check grades, assignments & even send emails to professors or classmates for groups assignment.


Es muy complicado entenderlo Para una madre como Yo. Gracias


Can’t access assignments and tests

Screen lock

Anytime the screen locks it kicks me out and I have to navigate back to where I was. It gets annoying if I’m trying to defense something but don’t need it continually open.

Great app 😁

I had to look on the computer for everything but now that I’ve got canvas I don’t need the computer to look up HW I can just use this app on my phone. Yay 😁

I like

Because I love how it does it for school


It was better than using my computer and was easier on phone

Doesn’t work

Several bugs make it unusable

Love this app

This app makes it easy to keep track of my school work!

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