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OK, but needs some improvements!

Its a good app but when I tried uploading a file such as a PDF in assignments, it wouldnt upload! All it says is submission error. Please fix the problem so I can submit my assignments on time!!!!!!

Made my life easier

This definitely streamlines your school affairs and makes it easier to deal with a busy schedule.

Good Could Be Better

First downloaded it wouldnt even allow me to sign into my class but once I did it was great

Works fine BUT...

The app works fine for me as right I can find any major flaws that make want to give it a 1 star rating. However it does have to issues that I know can be resolved easily because it wasnt it an issue with the older versions of the app. First and Foremost the app does not save my log in information and school information. Every time I open the app I have to look for my school then sign into my canvas. When I try to use the URL it provides it just logs freezes and shuts down. Second the app sometimes does not send messages to professors but still "acts" like the messages went through. Fix these issues and 5 star in sight


Simple and easy to use.

Could be better

Overall its not bad. There could be some improvements in namely in the calendar and the grading areas. If you complete an assignment then the online canvas will mark it off your calendar but the app still shows that its due. With grading, it has a hard time pulling up the whole semester and giving you an accurate grade. It also wont let you see what you got on individual assignments.

Great app

Saves time so I dont have to get on my laptop to check grades

Makes it so easy!!

I love being able to use this app to check my grades, study, and check on due dates for assignments. Also easier to message my professors.


Excellent app! I really love it!!

Excellent app

Have the app on both phone and iPad and love the way it looks and works on both!

Great App

I really love this app. The interface is clean and the app is super easy to use. Its well organized and simple to navigate. I love that I can even create and submit an assignment right from my iPhone.

Complete Garbage

Doesnt work right. Complete garbage. Your better off using safari instead for canvas.

Great App!

I am a student at Dallas Theological Seminary. Downloaded this app after first week of classes and it is very resourceful. I technical issues so far.

App quits immediately after opening!!

I have been using this app on and off for 2 years and up until this school year it worked fine. NOW however, no matter what Ive tried (deleting and reloading the app, making sure Ive got the latest update...ect) it quits immediately after trying to open it, been over a month now and I am very frustrated! Not sure why the app creators or maintinence team have not resolved this issue. The app has now become completely unusable!

Fix it

If this app was in any way shape or form functional, it would be great. Its not.

My Math Lab Links Still Broken

UPDTE 3: Still cant access MYMATHLAB!!!! Still one star. UPDATE 2: Still cannot access the Pearson MyMathLab links. This app is not helpful without the ability to do assignments in the app!!!!! Still 1 star!!!! UPDATE: Still cannot access the Pearson MyMathLab links. This app is not helpful without the ability to do assignments in the app!!!!! My 1 star stands until fixed. Not only is the feature extremely critical, ITS IN YOUR SCREENSHOTS!!! Just to be clear: when I open the app: Click on course (Math Applications)>Click on MyLab and Mastering>Attempt to click on MyMathLab All Assignments nothing happens!!!!!

Love it

This app is great

Not working

Looks good until Ive tried to use it.


Very useful app....I wish their calendar could have merged with my personal calendar....great app thou !!!!!!!!

Just as easy to use than the website

I just recently downloaded the app after using the website for a couple of years, and this app makes it much easier to quickly look at my grades and due dates and everything than logging into a computer and signing in. Its quick, easy, and effective.

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